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    At Ust Rendering Express, we have a team of highly qualified experts, who would use all their expertise,..
    Acrylic & Cement Rendering
    Cement Rendering is a big category in external and internal rendering. all type of render are cement based render...
    Cement Rendering
    Do you want to enhance the visual appeal of the outside surface of your building yet make it waterproof ..
    Stucco Render
    Stucco Rendering is splash finish (throw on its also called pebble, dash finish has desired size crash rocks in mix...
    hebel cladding
    When it comes to enhancing the visual aesthetics of a building, nothing can beat Hebel wall cladding in Melbourne..
    Render repairs
    We will be cutting the cracks with an angle grinder, cleaning all the drummy parts from the wall then we will be filling...
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    Rendering Express Melbourne
    Welcome to Rendering Express
    More and more building projects throughout Australia are being enhanced in both value, appearance and energy efficiency by the simple decision to use Acrylic Renders, Textures & Paints. Thanks to our comprehensive rendering service in Melbourne, locals across the metropolitan area of the Victorian State Capital can rely on Rendering Express to improve the quality and appearance of their properties.

    Heat reflective coatings fully reflect 50% of solar heat by infrared reflection and can reduce the temperature in your house during summer by up to 25 degrees. Imagine the savings on your cooling bill! We specialise in Acrylic & Cement Render, Decorative and polished finish rendering service, Texture Paint Coatings for Brick, Blue board, Foam Cladding, Hebel and cement sheet boards. We do internal cement rendering and solid plastering, new or renovation as well as external acrylic and cement rendering with a large variety of texture finishes and colour.
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    Our experts offering Melbourne rendering service use 100% acrylic, flexible, waterproof, heat reflective and elasticity products to ensure your fresh look lasts the test of time. Also, combined with our energy efficient paint membrane system that reflects 50% of solar heat by infrared reflection. Not only are you protecting your investment but you are saving money on your energy bills. So, in effect, your rendering project will pay for itself.

    All rendering service comes with our personal 7-year warranty for peace of mind. All the work we have been producing for the last 15 years and continue to do so, is of the highest standard. We can apply acrylic renders to many substrates including painted and non-painted brickwork, block, blue board, foam, Hebel and many more.
    Our rendering service in Melbourne has a number of highlights
    • Guaranteed long term exterior durability.
    • Tuscan style & finish in a range of colours
    • Quick, efficient, and levels uneven cement based surfaces to an even finish
    • Weatherproof & stays cleaner longer reducing maintenance when top coated with Acrashield
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    Experienced And Competitively -
    Priced Rendering Solutions
    Please take some time to look through our site that describes the details of our Melbourne rendering service.. We would be delighted to show you the quality of our work by providing you with addresses of recently completed properties. There are specific products and application methods for each substrate and therefore it's very important to get it right the first time.

    We are experienced and highly trained in our specific field. If you are considering giving your property a face-lift, we highly recommend contacting Rendering Express on 0413 425 148 for a no obligation free measure and quote, someone you can trust. As a small business offering rendering service we pride ourselves on quality workmanship, which shows in all our finished work. We remain a small business for a reason, and that is to control and maintain our high standards.

    Our experts offering Melbourne rendering service believe in only using quality products which are guaranteed to last and maintain the finishes we require. "For satisfaction and peace of mind, make sure the person quoting your job does your job". The visual and structural appeal of your home can be rejuvenated and this will be reflected in its greatly improved market value.
    Acrylic Rendering
    Our acrylic based wall render & texture coating systems are the most innovative and stylish way to render your property, more so when it comes to wall rendering Services.

    . Acrylic rendering has been tried and tested for decades and offers more than just render. Acrylic renders are flexible, highly impact and weather resistant and will not crumble or separate from the surface, and thus is preferred by our experts carrying out rendering service in Melbourne.

    Acrylic premixed renders have even higher enhanced water resistance and strength. They can be used on a wider variety of surfaces, including concrete, cement blocks, and AAC concrete panelling. Acrylic renders take only 2 days to dry and cure- much faster than the traditional render.

    Some of these premixed acrylic renders that are used during wallrendering services have a smoother complexion than traditional renders. There are also a wide variety of acrylic bound pigmented 'designer' finishing coats that can be applied over acrylic render. Depending upon the product, they can be rolled, trowelled or sponged on. A limited number can also be sprayed on. Various finishes, patterns and textures are possible during Wall Rendering Services. They may include sand, sandstone, marble, stone, stone chip, lime wash or clay like finishes. They are stipple, glistening finishes, and those with enhanced water resistance and anti-fungal properties.
    Texture Coatings
    Our Melbourne rendering service involves the use of flexible Acrylic technology that won't crack and de-laminate. Texture products are flexible Acrylic Textures that deliver a traditional float finish render style in a fine-medium grain, coloured, full acrylic coating. Applied by traditional hawk and trowel plastering methods over base rendered and prepared brick or blockwork and all suitably flushed and prepared masonry substrates. Specified in system with AcraShield weather-proofing barrier topcoat for optimum life cycle efficiency
    Cement Rendering
    Traditional cement rendering service is the application of a premixed surface of sand, cement and lime to brick, cement, stone (rough cast) or mud brick. It is often textured, tinted or painted after application. It is generally used on exterior walls but can be used to feature an interior wall.

    Depending on the 'look' required, rendering can be fine or coarse, textured or smooth, natural or coloured, pigmented or painted. Thanks to our tailored rendering service in Melbourne, the locals can trust us to make their properties their own.

    The Wall Rendering Services involving cement rendering of brick, concrete and mud houses has been used for centuries to improve the appearance (and sometimes weather resistance) of exterior walls. It can be seen in different forms all over the world. Different countries have their own style and traditional colours.

    Cement rendering is a quick and affordable way to renovate an old home or a great way to save money when building a new home. Transform an unfashionable brick home into a stylish contemporary home with the help of our Melbourne rendering service. The look that is achieved is sleek and modern, the out-lay is exceeded by the increase in the market value to the home.
    The Differences Between Sand And Cement Rendering And Acrylic Based Renders:
    • Traditional "cement render" means site mixed sand and cement. Some builders/renderers support cement wall render as the finishing system for economic reasons. The initial visual look of painted, sponge finish cement render is very similar to acrylic render, but there are some differences
    • Acrylic render will not display typical sand and cement weaknesses such as herringbone cracking and runniness.
    • Sand and cement rendering takes around 4-6 weeks to cure before it can be painted.
    • Acrylic render can be painted in 3-5 days, which means saving in scaffolding costs.
    • Sand and cement rendering is 10mm thick, whereas Acrylic render can be applied as thin as 4mm.
    • Acrylic wall render comes packed in 20kg bags which means less mess around the workplace.
    Rendering Repair Melbourne
    At Rendering Express we are committed to providing a complete rendering experience, including wall rendering services to our customers based on their particular needs and requirements. Along with our flawless application process we can deliver seamless and prompt rendering repair to residents living across Melbourne. For more information about our unmatched approach to acrylic rendering service in Melbourne including Cragieburn, Essendon, Ascot Vale, Brunswick, Sydenham and other locals can call us on 0413 425 148.
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