Acrylic Rendering

High-Quality Acrylic Rendering in Melbourne

To enhance the appearance of your outdoor and indoor walls, you can consider acrylic render since this is a cement-based render that has a polymer additive ingrained. At Ust Rendering Express, we offer acrylic rendering services in Melbourne at an affordable cost. Thus, you can give the walls of your property a smooth finish.

Apart from giving your walls a nice look, acrylic rendering also makes walls water-resistant and even protects them from fractures. This happens because the render is itself flexible and can expand and contract as per the temperature on the outside. On top of that, this render only takes 2 days to dry compared to a conventional render. So, let our skilled and experienced renderers apply this to the walls to make them stand out from the rest.

Acrylic Rendering

Why Choose Our Acrylic Render Service?

Choose the acrylic render service that we offer at Ust Rendering Express since

  • We use high-quality acrylic render in properties to achieve the desired finish
  • Our professionals have years of experience in applying this type of render
  • Our specialists will use the right tools to achieve the perfect wall finish
  • We complete acrylic rendering on time and with perfection

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How long does acrylic render last?

It depends on the condition of your building as well as the render used. But with maintenance, it can last around 20 to 40 years.

Will the renderers first prepare the wall?

Yes, just like painting and other similar services, the renderers will first prepare the indoor or the outdoor wall before applying the acrylic render, as is the convention.

How long does it take the acrylic render to adhere to the wall?

As we mentioned, it takes two days for the render to adhere to the wall. Moreover, the application time for the same is also minimal.

Does this type of render really make walls water-resistant?

Yes, due to the inclusion of the polymer additive and its flexibility, the outdoor and indoor walls of your property will indeed become water-resistant and fracture-proof.

Can I choose a specific finish or are all the designs the same?

Acrylic renders are available in various designer coats. So, you can choose any of them or we can do it for you.

How can I maintain the acrylic rendered surface?

The rendered surface has antifungal properties. So, you will not experience mould growth. However, to keep it well-maintained, a plain surface wash will be enough.

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