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The No.1 House Rendering Services in Melbourne

At Ust Rendering Express, we have a team of highly qualified experts, who would use all their expertise, knowledge and experience to come up with high quality house rendering solutions in Melbourne at affordable price. With over 15 years of experience, we are Melbourne’s premier home rendering specialist, providing our customers with the very best all varieties of rendering.

The house rendering services in Melbourne that we offer ranges from decorative, polished rendering,to textured paint coatings meant for hebel, cement sheet boards and blue boards, foam cladding, This makes us your one stop house rendering solution in Melbourne.

Our experts have up their sleeves the requisite expertise, workmanship and competency to come up with every type of house rendering in their best forms! Our workmanship is a seamless combination of artwork and technical skills and excellence, making us the No.1 house rendering company in Melbourne. When you put stakes on us, unparalleled rendering gives your home the beautiful facade that will make you feel proud and your neighbours envious. Besides aesthetic brilliance, our house rendering gives you home a considerable longevity, which will justify your investment in us.

What types of house rendering do we offer?

At Ust Rendering Express, the types of home rendering we offer include:

  • Cement rendering (applicable on retaining walls, exterior and interior walls, fences)
  • Acrylic Rendering (applicable on cement, bricks, concrete, existing render, Polystyrene)
  • Polymer Rendering (applicable on painted walls, concrete, clay bricks, polystyrene, cement blocks, plaster)

What makes us the best House Rendering Company in Melbourne?

  • We have over 15 years of experience
  • Our experts are highly skilled and qualified and they have access to the latest tools and technology
  • We would consider your functional needs and aesthetic preferences to come up with customised house rendering solutions.
  • Dispute best services, our service is affordable with 100% transparency with no hidden cost

If all these do not make us the No. 1 house rendering company, what else will make us?


Does rendering make the walls waterproof?

Well, rendering itself does not have any waterproofing quality. However, high quality rendering will protect the walls from elements for long, adding durability.

Do texture or acrylic render last long enough?

Yes, if applied properly, it can give the exterior and interior walls a durability of 30 to 40 years.

What do I need to do to maintain the render?

Renders demand very low maintenance. All you need to do is light cleaning and low pressure water blasting at the most once in a few years.

Will rendering increase the value of my home?

Surely it will. With increased durability and renewed look and feel, rendering will add significant value to your home.

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