Stucco Rendering

Premium Stucco Rendering Services

Do you want to decorate the walls of your place with a slightly different type of finish? You can consider stucco rendering then as it gives a coarse look that looks artistic. Basically, stucco is a type of render that consists of lime, cement and water. The mixture of all these hardens and creates a solid finish that can make the indoor and outdoor surface of your property look outstanding.

At Ust Rendering Express, we offer stucco rendering services to transform properties. We combine premium materials to accomplish the finish that will add allure to your property. Moreover, we will apply this form of render using our latest tools and technologies to make the walls look fabulous.

Stucco Rendering
Stucco Rendering

Why Choose Our Stucco Rendering Solutions?

Invest in our stucco rendering solutions since

  • We ensure truly artistic finishing with this type of render
  • Our renderers applying stucco have years of experience in rendering and ensure quality results
  • Our specialists complete the application of render on time, giving the walls an extraordinary appearance
  • We use high-quality materials to create the coarse look on walls

To explore this type of render or to hire our renderers, call us now.


How long does it take to complete the stucco render?

The application of stucco render does not take much time but the drying time of the same is around 24 to 36 hours.

Can I expect durability out of the stucco render?

Yes, you can expect durability out of the stucco render since the surface is solid and crack-resistant.

Is stucco rendering water-resistant?

Stucco-rendering might not be completely water-resistant but water cannot affect stucco since it absorbs the same quickly without affecting the building structure.

Can stucco rendering be applied on both interior and exterior surfaces?

Yes, stucco rendering will establish a fantastic appearance on both interior and exterior surfaces. However, it looks better on exterior surfaces.

Do stucco renders require wall preparation?

Yes, since it is itself a render, it requires wall preparation. Our renderers do the same meticulously to add aesthetics to the wall.

How can I maintain this type of render?

To maintain a wall rendered with stucco, plain surface cleaning will be enough. However, It’s better if you get it done by a professional.

Can the rendered wall be coloured?

Yes, the stucco render can be coloured as per your choice.

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