Venetian Plaster
Premium Venetian Plaster Services
A smooth and elegant wall finish can be achieved with Venetian plaster. This type of plaster has many other names but is also widely known as polished plaster or polished render. It is applied to surfaces by experienced professionals. Moreover, this type of plaster is suitable for both residential and commercial properties. At Ust Rendering Express, we offer Venetian plaster services where our skilled plasterers will enhance the appearance by applying this material with finesse.

If you are searching the internet with terms such as ‘Venetian plasterers near me’ or ‘plastering services near me’, your search ends here since we have years of experience in this job. Moreover, workmanship and flawless results are the two things that have made us stand out in the building appearance improvement industry.

Why Choose Our Venetian Plaster Services?

Invest in our Venetian plaster services since

  • Our professionals use top-quality Venetian plaster to add appeal to building surfaces
  • To achieve a smooth finish, our professionals use the recommended tools for plastering
  • We enhance the appearance of both commercial and residential buildings with Venetian plaster
  • We ensure smooth and impeccable surface finishes

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Where can the Venetian plaster be used?

The Venetian plaster can be used in both the interior as well as the exterior surface of a building. No matter the surface where it’s applied, it will look premium.

What is the longevity of Venetian plaster?

It can last for years if proper care is taken. Also, if it is properly applied, it will stay as it is making the building look fabulous.

Is Venetian plaster prone to cracks?

No, it’s quite the opposite. After the application, the material hardens and it becomes less prone to cracks or other damages.

Is it eco-friendly?

Yes, the Venetian plaster that we use is completely eco-friendly and is devoid of lead or any other harmful chemicals.

Will the colour fade with time?

No, the colour of the Venetian plaster that we use will never fade, provided proper care is taken, that is routine maintenance is done.

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